Yoga Mat™

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Yoga Mat™


Innovative Lined Yoga Mat


Positioning lines.
Non-slip design.
Light and roll-up design.
Easy to transport and store.
Ecological and durable material.
Suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Position Marking.

When it comes to your health, don't compromise. Achieve perfect yoga postures with Yoga Mat™. It has position lines that allow you to position yourself correctly on your mat.
Thanks to the lined yoga mat, progress effectively in your favorite sport.

Non-slip design.

Conventional floor mats are sometimes designed with smooth, slippery materials. To save you from these hassles, the yoga mat Mat™ is made with a non-slip design. Whatever your position, perform all yoga postures easily and without injury.

Lightweight & Foldable.

To make your life easier, the special yoga mat has been designed for easy and space-saving storage. Lightweight and foldable, roll up your Mat™ yoga mat in a single movement, and easily store it wherever you want, in your gym bag or in a cupboard.
Your Mat™ yoga mat is always at hand.

Durable material.

Unlike other mats made of plastic, the Mat™ yoga mat is made of TPE. Thanks to its thermoplastic properties, TPE is easier to recycle than other materials.
Resistant and durable, your yoga mat will follow you everywhere and for a long time.

All Levels.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, the Yoga mat Mat™ is real support for the realization of your postures. Thanks to its positioning lines, achieve more and more elaborate postures without injuring yourself.


Dimensions:183,0 x 61,0 x 0,6 cm
Weight:850 grams
Color:Black, Purple, Green, Mauve, Blue, Pink
Contents:x1 Yoga mat lined Yoga Mat™

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