Urban AIC270 XR™

21K J'aime


Urban AIC270 XR™


A trendy sportswear look


Embellish your style.
Sporty and urban design.
Light and breathable material.
Shock-absorbing sole.
Optimal ankle support.
Suitable for men and women.

Unique design.

Trendy and original, the Urban AIC270 XR™ sneakers will enhance your style and bring the touch that makes the difference. Thanks to their sportswear style, they blend perfectly with an urban or sporty look. Whatever the occasion, wear them with pride.


The Urban AIC270 XR™ sneakers have been designed to adapt to urban or sports use. Slightly high, they support the ankle to prevent injury and reduce foot fatigue. With their ergonomic design, the Urban AIC270 XR™ shoes are the trendy and practical accessory of the moment.

Innovative material.

A shock-absorbing sole designed in EVA material for more resistance and flexibility combined with a breathable fabric to give this sneaker an unprecedented level of comfort. Urban AIC270 XR™ is ideal for daily use and whatever the occasion.

Mixed look.

The Urban AIC270 XR™ shoes have been designed to fit both men and women. Manufactured in different colors, choose the one that matches your style. Men or women, adopt the sportswear look and assert your style with class.


Sizes:36 to 47
Weight:200 grams
Color:Black & Red, Black, Khaki, Pink, Red, Black & White, White & Blue, Purple, White
Contents:x1 pair of sneakers Urban AIC270 XR™

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