Top Brilliance™

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Top Brilliance™


Silicone toilet brush kit


Soft-headed silicone brush.
Quick drying support.
More hygienic.
For hard-to-reach areas.
Reduces smells.
Modern design.

Efficient cleaning.

The Top Brilliance brush is a unique toilet brush. It features a soft flat silicone head that allows you to clean your toilet thoroughly. The brush can go into every nook and cranny where conventional round brushes won't fit and guarantees a thorough cleaning. This way you eliminate all bacteria without leaving any traces.

Hygienic brush.

Clean your toilet like never before with this unique silicone toilet brush. Very easy to rinse and wash, its silicone head stays clean even after several uses. The water-repellent brush lets the drops of water run off, it dries very quickly and prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria. The Top Brilliance is certainly more hygienic than any other classic brush.

No more smells in the toilet.

The toilet brush with its silicone head comes with a removable holder with small holes to let the brush drip and water escape. Your toilet brush will dry faster. Once it is put back in place, the brush acts as a cover to prevent the diffusion of bad smells.

Modern design for the toilet.

In addition to making your toilet spotless, the Top Brilliance toilet brush has a unique, modern and sleek design. Supplied with an adhesive backing, you can either fix it to the wall or leave it on the floor. In your toilet or your bathroom, it fits perfectly with your decoration and brings a little touch of color depending on the one you choose among the available colors.


Dimensions :14.3 × 3.8 × 1.6 in
Weight :0.4 lb
Material :ABS + TPR
Colors :Blue, pink, white, green
Contents :x1 toilet brush + x1 brush holder support

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