Sport Bra™

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Sport Bra™


The sports bra that defies them all...


Optimal chest support.
Protection against impacts & rebounds.
Unequalled comfort.
Dense and breathable fabric.
Suitable for all body shapes.
Suitable for all types of sport.

Maximum support.

The Sport Bra™ sports bra offers superior support and protects your chest from the shocks and impacts caused by sport. Be free of your movements thanks to its swimming back that frees your shoulder blades. Moreover, the integrated foams enhance the natural curve of your chest. Fitness, running, skipping rope, all sports are possible thanks to this bra with optimal support.

Comfortable to wear.

Thanks to its dense material, the Bra™ Sport bra gives you the ideal support for your chest. Firm, elastic and breathable, perspiration is wicked away through the fabric. Your skin is not suffocated and can therefore breathe.The bra is designed without seams to limit irritation.Don't be bothered by pain during your sports sessions.

Easy to put on.

For ease of dressing, the sports bra has a zipper on the front. Easy to put on and take off, the sports bra can be put on like a bra. You just have to close it by sliding the zipper on the front. Easy & fast thanks to its elastic fabric and smart closure. The Bra™ Sport Zipper is a revolution for all sportswomen.


The sports bra adapts to all morphologies, from size S to size 2XL and respects the natural curvature of your breasts. As important as the choice of your shoes, the sports bra is an essential element for the practice of a sporting activity. Your chest size is between 85A and 110B, so the Sport bra Bra™ is made for you.
Preserve your chest from impacts and pain thanks to the innovative bra.


Sizes:S to 2XL
Weight:70 grams
Matter:Nylon + Cotton
Color:Black, White, Grey, Pink, Blue or Orange
Contents:x1 Sport Bra Bra™

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