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Women's Waterproof Boots


Light and waterproof boots.
Soft and non-slip soles.
Heat conservation.
Elegant and trendy design.
Resealable on top.
Adaptation to all morphologies.

Non-slip and waterproof.

The SnowQueen™ boots are waterproof and have a non-slip sole. Ideal for winter and rainy days. Enjoy the snow without getting your feet icy or wet. The non-slip soles make your walk safer so you can go wherever you want. Thanks to their maximum grip, they are perfect when it snows or rains.

Heat conservation.

The fake fur on the inside of the boots SnowQueen™ keeps your feet warm. In addition, the snow boots have an elastic cord on the top. Tighten the top of the boot to prevent snow, rain or wind from blowing in. Keep your feet out of the cold with them.

Lightweight and comfortable.

A high and comfortable boot for maximum protection against the cold. Make people jealous of your light and design snow boots.
Available in different colors:
- Black
- Red
- Blue
- Grey
Find the boot color SnowQueen™ that's right for you.


For an even trendier look, the top of your boot is reversible. Fold the top and get a trendy snow boot. Give a touch of originality to your outfits with this faux fur.

All types of feet.

Easy to put on, the SnowQueen™ boot will adapt to all morphologies. Whether you have thin or wider feet, the snow boot is adjustable on top. It will adapt to your calf and foot for optimal comfort.


Indoors or outdoors, your snow boots are the perfect protection against the cold. Walk in the snow or rain, go to work or go out with friends. Your SnowQueen™ boots will adapt to your daily life.


Sizes:From 6 to 11
Material:Rubber and synthetic fibre
Color:- Red
- Blue
- Grey
- Black
Heel height:Approx. 3 cm
Contents:x1 pairs of boots SnowQueen™

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