Push Up Legging™

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Push Up Legging™


The must-have beauty accessory designed for women


Sublimated legs.
Tightened bottom.
A toned body.
Resistant, honeycombed fabric.
Draining design.
Push-Up effect.

Sublimated body shape.

The Push Up Legging™ is the first sports leggings that works with you. Wear it to every workout, while walking and even when you're at home for more results. Its innovative design will firm your buttocks and thighs by reducing cellulite. For a beautiful figure every day.

Compression fabric.

The Push Up Legging™ is made of a compressive fabric used to exert pressure around your legs and buttocks. The tissue is also composed of cells that will gently massage your skin to improve blood circulation and better distribute water in your body. This will have the effect of reducing cellulite little by little.


The Push Up Legging™a also has a draining and sheathing function. This system will reduce the feeling of heavy legs by improving lymphatic circulation. Drainage will therefore have the effect of reducing the size of the pads responsible for cellulite on your thighs and buttocks.
Recover sublimated legs thanks to the Push Up Legging™.

Push-Up effect.

In addition to reducing the cellulite present on your legs, the Push Up Legging™ will embellish your silhouette thanks to its Push-Up effect. Its unique design will shape your buttocks. You're gonna love your bouncy booty.


Sizes:XS, S, M, L and XL
Weight:160 to 260 grams
Matter:Polyester + Elastane
Color:- Pink
- White
- Black
- Purple
- Grey
- Navy blue
- Lemon green
- Orange Red
Contents:x1 Push Up Legging™

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