Puppy Chewing™

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Puppy Chewing™


Chewing toothbrush toy for dog


Cleans teeth effectively.
Natural rubber.
Better breath.
Dishwasher safe.
Very entertaining for the dog.

2 in 1 dog toy.

Taking care of your dog's health also means taking care of his good oral hygiene. With Puppy Chewing you not only give your faithful companion a new, fun toy, but you also provide him with an easy and effective solution for taking care of his teeth. No more tedious tooth brushing with a toothbrush, your dog, by chewing his toy, cleans his teeth himself.

Cleans teeth thoroughly.

This toy for dog deep cleans your dog's teeth. By chewing it naturally, your dog allows Puppy Chewing to reach difficult areas such as molars. The small rubber pimples gently remove impurities and plaques present on your dog's teeth and massage the gums without irritating them.

Clean teeth and fresh breath.

Bad breath in dogs is very often due to poor oral hygiene. To remedy it, and to prevent halitosis, the toothbrush Puppy chewing gum toy is the ideal solution! In addition to removing tartar and other dirt, you can add, from time to time, dog toothpaste in the dedicated reservoir. Your pet will have clean teeth and fresh breath.

Ergonomic and resistant.

The shape of Puppy Chewing is very intuitive for the dog. With its wider base, the animal can easily hold it between its paws. The material and its design will instinctively encourage the dog to chew his new toy. Made of natural rubber, the dog toy is very resistant and without risk for the animal's health.

Easy to clean.

Just because it's your dog's toy doesn't mean it doesn't need to be cleaned from time to time. To keep your dog's chew toy effective, it is important to clean it and remove any bacteria that may have become lodged in it during long hours of chewing. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you can pass it under water with a little soap or even put it in the dishwasher. The rubber will not move and its efficiency on the cleaning of the dog's teeth will be even better.


Dimensions:M or L
Material :Rubber
Pets :Dog and cat
Colors :Green, blue, pink, light blue, clear
Contents :x1 Puppy Chewing toothbrush toy for dog

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