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Breathable metatarsal pads


Reduces pain and discomfort.
Relieves the soles of the feet.
Reusable and breathable fabric.
Elastic and easy to put on.
Machine washable.
Fits all feet sizes.

Pain relief sole.

The Protec'Feet™ Shoe Adjustment Pad is ideal for everyday use. Its innovative design significantly reduces foot pain and discomfort. Your feet will be light all day long, even if you walk a lot. These Protec'Feet™ cushions are perfect for pumps, sneakers or city shoes.

Reusable fabric.

The Protec'Feet™ Pads are designed with a reusable, machine washable fabric. Economical and ecological, protect your feet effectively and pain will stay away from you. With their elasticity, they are very easy to put on and take off.

Pain Relief.

Our feet are put to the test during the day: high heel pumps, long walks, shocks and impacts are their daily routine. The Protec'Feet™ forefoot cushion is recommended for the relief of certain pathologies such as foot capsulitis, sesamoiditis and Morton's syndrome.

Physical activity.

The Breathable Foot Cushions are also suitable for people who are physically active. Runners often experience foot pain due to the impact of running. The Metatarsal Pads will absorb shocks and impacts to protect the feet for a long time. Running, trail, soccer, basketball or gymnastics, adopt Protec'Feet™ and find your comfort.


Size:One Size Only
Weight:0.03 lbs.
Material:Breathable fabric
Color:Black, Beige
Machine washable
Contents:x1 pair of Protec'Feet™ Foot Cushions

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