Pro Pet Care™

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Pro Pet Care™


Dog and Cat Grooming Brush


Removes excess hair.
Safe to use.
Ergonomic grip.
Promotes the beauty of the hair.
Suitable for long and short hairs.
For Dog, Cat and other pet grooming.

Anti Hair Brush.

The brush is the essential grooming tool for all long-haired and short-haired pets. It will gently remove excess hair without breaking or damaging it and will gently massage your pet's skin. Adopt the Brush for Dog, Cat and Pet which promotes the beauty of the hair and undercoat.

Safe to use.

The Grooming Brush has curved and rounded teeth for safe brushing. The rounded teeth protect your pet's skin and the curvature traps dead hairs. It is suitable for long-haired and short-haired dogs, cats and other animals (rodents, horses, etc.).

Ergonomic handle.

For ease of use, the Pro Pet pet accessory Care™ is designed with an ergonomic handle for optimal grip. Whether you are right- or left-handed, grooming is easy and pleasant. Grooming Dogs, Cats and other animals has never been easier.

All Coats.

With its ergonomic and innovative design, no need for a Grooming Table to perform professional grooming. This grooming tool adapts to all types of coats: long hair, short hair, razor hair and is suitable for all animals. Brush for dog or Brush for cat, Pro Pet Care™ adapts to all needs and makes your life easier.


Dimensions:Small: 6.3 x 1.5 inches
Large: 7.0 x 2.7 inches
Weight:0.66 lbs
Color:Pink, Blue
Usage:Any type of coat
All animals
Contents:x1 Pro Pet Care™

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