Movie Pro X™

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Movie Pro X™


A more intense cinematic experience


Watch your movies outdoors.
Intensifies emotions.
Double-sided projection.
Quick and easy installation.
Multiple use.
Indoors or outdoors.

New experience.

The Movie Pro X™ projection screen will give you new experiences with friends and family. Watch your favorite movies on the big screen and experience more intense emotions than ever before. Thanks to its double-sided projection system, project two movies at the same time.

High resolution.

Its natural polyester and elastane fiber design gives it incredible strength and ensures sharp images with vivid colors. Project films, videos, slideshows, or photos in high resolution.


Movie Pro X™ is a multi-purpose projection screen that can be installed in various locations: indoors or outdoors for personal or professional use: in your garden, in your living room, at work, in a meeting room etc. You can even take it with you on holiday.


Install your Movie Pro X™ projection screen in no time at all. The roll-up screen is equipped with 4 fasteners so that it can be easily attached to a wall, trees, or a static structure. In just a few seconds, Movie Pro X™ is ready to use.


Dimensions:1: 152.4 cm, 2: 182.8 cm, 3: 213.0 cm, 4: 254.0 cm, 5: 304.8 cm, 6: 381.0 cm
Weight:100 grams
Matter:Polyester + Elastane
Viewing angle:170 degrees
Contents:x1 projection canvas Movie Pro X™

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