Maxi Hygiène™

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Maxi Hygiène™



Bracelet with Hand-Sanitizer Gel.
Anti-virus, microbes and bacteria.
Soft silicone design.
Large capacity of 0.20 oz.
Very easy to use.
Suitable for men, women and children.

Anti-Virus protection.

Fight effectively against viruses, microbes and bacteria with this Hand Disinfectant Dispenser Bracelet. With its innovative and minimalist design, the Bracelet Dispenser is discreet yet modern. Do not clutter up a bottle of Hand-Sanitizer gel: Adopt the Disinfectant Gel Dispenser in the shape of a bracelet.

Flexible material.

Made of soft and light silicone, the Gel Dispenser Bracelet offers you a great freedom of movement. Silicone is a strong, unbreakable and very easy to care for. The Silicone Bracelet also has anti-allergic properties. It is the ideal jewel for an effective and complete anti-virus protection.


The Maxi Hygiène™ Automatic Hand-Sanitizing Gel Dispenser is capable of holding up to 0.20 oz of Sanitizer. It is very easy to use and therefore adapts easily to men, women and also to children. Hand Washing with Maxi Hygiène™ Hand-Sanitizer Gel has never been so easy and fast. For young and old alike.

Perfect gift.

Protect your family members and loved ones by giving them an Automatic Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser Bracelet. Wherever they are, they will always have Hand-Sanitizer available. This will keep them away from viruses, germs and bacteria. Protect the health of those dearest to your heart.


Dimensions:One size only
Men, Women, Children
Weight:20 grams
Material:Silicone TPU
Color:Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Green, Fuchsia
Capacity:Up to 0.20 oz Hand-Sanitizing Gel
Contents:x1 Maxi Hygiène™

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