iZi Brush™

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iZi Brush™


Scalp massaging shampoo brush


Cleans deeply.
Massages the scalp.
Promotes hair growth.
Removes flakes and impurities.
For all hair types.
Soft silicone tips.

Washes the scalp thoroughly.

Remove all impurities from your scalp and give yourself an effective shampoo with the iZi Brush. In the shower, use the silicone brush to gently massage your scalp. It removes dirt, dandruff and dead cells to give you soft, well-groomed, healthy hair!

Prevents hair loss.

When shampooing with the iZi Brush shampoo brush, you will pass over different pressure points located on your head. In addition to giving you a very pleasant sensation and relaxing you during the shower, it increases blood circulation which will favor hair growth and limit hair loss. Your hair is stronger, thicker and healthier.

Helps to detangle long hair.

Long or mid-length hair, we know what the hassle of styling after shampooing is. Even with detangling conditioner, knots resist and hair breaks. By using the massage brush for shampoo, you brush your hair directly in the shower while your shampoo penetrates every nook and cranny. Your hair is neat, clean and easier to detangle.

For all hair types.

Designed with ultra-soft, flexible silicone tips, the iZi Brush can be used on all hair types. From very fine hair to curly hair, the shampoo brush fits everyone, even the smallest. The softness of the brush's silicone teeth allows you to use it on sensitive heads without hurting and offers a very pleasant hair care.


Dimensions :3.15 x 3.15 x 2.75 in
Material :rubber and silicone tooth
Color :Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple

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