Eyebrow Beauty™

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Eyebrow Beauty™


Long lasting waterproof eyebrow pencil


4 brushes.
Long lasting.
Water resistant.
Easy to apply.
Microblading effect (tattoo).

Well-defined and structured eyebrows.

You wish to to have well defined eyebrows for a sublimated and structured look? Opt for this Eyebrow Beauty eyebrow pencil with high precision. Draw, underline and intensify your eyebrows with one stroke to better structure them and correct sparse areas. The result is a neat, natural look for a deep, deep look.

Natural features.

Equipped with 4 small tips, the Eyebrow Beauty Eyebrow Pencil is designed to fill in the holes in your eyebrows for an ultra-natural effect. The Eyebrow Pencil will help you to blend and melt makeup with fine and precise lines for a natural microblading effect. You will quickly forget that you have made up your eyebrows!

Waterproof and resistant.

In addition to naturally redesigning your eyebrows, the eyebrow pencil is ultra-resistant . Waterproof, it resists water, but also rubbing and you guarantee a long-lasting hold. No more make-up that drools in the rain or with perspiration, you keep your intense look and beautiful eyebrows all day long.

Easy to apply.

You don't need to be a makeup expert to use Eyebrow Beauty properly. With its 4 small tips, the eyebrow pencil allows you to draw fine and natural lines very easily, following the direction of your hair growth. In a few seconds, you will find drawn and structured eyebrows in just a few seconds.

An alternative to Microblading.

Microblading is a technique of brow tattooing which allows you to trace the eyebrow in one stroke creating the illusion of a very fine hair. Because microblading requires a certain commitment, can be expensive and a little painful, many people give it up. No more need to doubt, with the Eyebrow Beauty Eyebrow Pencil, achieve a natural eyebrow easily, without pain, without commitment and without cracking your wallet!


Dimensions :4.2 x 0.5 in
weight :0.3 oz
Color:light brown, dark brown, red, brown-grey, black
Contents :1x Eyebrow Beauty pencil

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