Exhaust Mafia™

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Exhaust Mafia™



Transforms the sound of the vehicle.
Reproduction of a turbo sound.
Quick and easy installation.
High quality material.
Lightweight and durable device.
Also suitable for motorcycles.

Turbo Whistle.

Turn your car or motorcycle into a real monster, a racing beast with incredible sound. The Exhaust Mafia™ reproduces the sound of a real turbo to give your vehicle a sporty look. Amaze your friends and family with the exhaust whistle.

Lightning installation.

Loosen the bolts on the exhaust whistle, install it inside your muffler and tighten the bolts. Be sure to retighten the fasteners for a secure fit. The device is now installed in your exhaust pipe. Now all you have to do is whirl the engine.

Material Quality.

The humming exhaust system is made of high quality aluminum. A strong, sturdy and lightweight material that fits perfectly on a car or motorcycle. The whistle does not add any extra weight to the vehicle and offers an incredible special turbo sound.

Size Variations.

Depending on the diameter and length of your exhaust pipe, choose the most suitable muffler whistle: Size XL: 4.52 x 1.37 inSize L: 4.33 x 1.18 inSize M: 4.2 x 0.98 inSize S: 4.13 x 0.78 inThe muffler whistle fits all car or motorcycle mufflers very easily.


Dimensions:Size XL: 4.52 x 1.37 in
Size L: 4.33 x 1.18 in
Size M: 4.2 x 0.98 in
Size S: 4.13 x 0.78 in
Weight:0.11 lbs
Color:Black, Silver, Red, Blue
Material:High quality aluminum
Usage:Car or Motorcycle
Contents:x1 Exhaust Mafia™

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