Comfy Air™

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Comfy Air™


An ultra-soft bed for your 4-legged friend


Improves health status.
Reduces stress and anxiety.
Reduces joint pain.
Improves the quality of sleep.
Soothing effect.

A better health.

Comfy Air™ is specially designed for pets who love to cuddle up. Its aesthetic design and ultra-soft comfort provide instant well-being. The raised edges of the Comfy Air™ cushion give your dog a sense of security. Ideal for a quality nap. A well-rested and healthy animal.

Reduction of harmful effects.

Comfy Air™ uses an innovative concept advised by behaviourists that combines comfort and softness. Comfy Air™ is made of a soft, comforting material that helps your little friend reduce stress. Place this great cushion out of the way so your dog can be quiet while observing what's going on around him.

An ergonomic concept.

Baskets and other pet cushions are not always very comfortable. Stiff and thin materials cause joint pain and stiffness upon awakening. Comfy Air™ has been specially designed to adapt to all dogs and all ages: from young puppies to older dogs. Its ergonomic design offers your dog incredible comfort allowing his joints to rest effectively. Its height is also optimized so that your dog can stand up easily and effortlessly.

Optimal sleep.

Sleep in animals is essential for their development and well-being. The Comfy Air™ pillow is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety dogs are often subject to, so it will naturally improve the quality of your small companion's sleep. Comfy Air™ offers your dog a restorative rest to keep him healthy for a long time to come.


Diameters :XS (15 inch), S (19 inch), M (23 inch), L (27 inch), XL (30 inch)
Color:Off-White, Light Grey, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Pink, Brown
Material:Plush, faux fur
Contents of the packagingx1 cushion Comfy Air™

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