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The ultra-comfortable and stylish bra


Unique and pleasant design.
Advantageous neckline.
Soft cotton material.
High absorption capacity.
To be worn in hot weather.
Suitable for breastfeeding women.

Comfortable to wear.

The innovative BreastyGO™ bra is made of ultra-comfortable cotton. It can be easily worn all day long without any risk of irritation or discomfort. Its low neckline and bare back are ideal for enjoying hot weather without the discomfort.

Spongy material.

The BreastyGO™ bra is soft and absorbent to avoid problems of perspiration under the breasts. Protect your skin from irritation caused by repeated dampness. With this bra pad, your breasts are perfectly supported and stay dry.

For All Occasions.

The bra towel is easily worn around the neck. With its absorbency and comfort, it can be worn at the pool, at the beach, at the spa, after the gym and even quietly at home. Say YES to comfort for all occasions.

For Moms.

The padded bra is perfectly adapted to pregnant or breastfeeding women. The inside is specially designed to protect sensitive nipples. This unique towel is also useful for absorbing excess breast milk. Easy to make and undo, it is very practical for breastfeeding.


Sizes:S: 75.0 (L) x 20.0 (W) cmM: 90.0 (L) x 24.0 (W) cmL: 100.0 (L) x 28.0 (W) cm
Weight:0.06 lb
Color:White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Pink, Grey, Green, Brown
Contents:x1 BreastyGO™

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