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Innovative Posture Corrector Bra


Relieves back pain.
Decreases neck tension.
Improves posture.
360° support technology.
Comfortable and breathable.
Ergonomic design.

Contributes to your well-being.

Backache and headaches, prolonged sitting, physical work or stress.
The innovative bra BodyQueen™ is designed to prevent and relieve back and/or neck pain and tension (knots, migraines, neck tension etc.). Thanks to its Posture Corrector system and its possibility of adjustment at the front, on 2 levels according to your morphology, you will no longer feel pain and be at ease on a daily basis.

Optimal support.

Thanks to its 360° support technology, the Posture Corrector bra BodyQueen™ will refine your silhouette. It will also allow you to adopt a straight posture that is ideal for your back while providing comfortable support for your breasts. Its design is unique and adapted to all morphologies.
The bra BodyQueen™ will be your best ally in everyday life.


The BodyQueen™ bra is composed of interlaced elastic bands that offer you unequaled comfort and support. This Posture Corrector bra is designed with a material that lets your skin breathe. Wear it easily under all your clothes thanks to its wide straps adjustable on 3 levels and its lack of underwire. Invisible, ergonomic and comfortable, it is ideal for everyday wear.

Easy to care for.

The Posture Corrector bra BodyQueen™ is very easy to care for thanks to cold cleaning or cleaning at 30° maximum. The BodyQueen™ bra is the ideal undergarment for all women.
Let it dry in the open air and not in the tumble dryer so as not to deteriorate its performance.
Take full advantage of your shapely BodyQueen™ bra and forget about muscle pain and tension.


Sizes:S to 5XL
Color:Beige or Black
Matter:90% polyamide & 10% elastane
Washing:Machine wash cold or at 30° max.
Contents:x1 Posture correction bra BodyQueen™

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