Barber Pro Cut™

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Barber Pro Cut™


For a beard always perfectly trimmed


Intelligent contour plotter.
Clever multifunction guide.
Compact and lightweight accessory.
Facilitates shaving and maintenance.
Gently detangles hairs.
Fits all beards.

Very practical.

Get an impeccably trimmed and well-groomed beard by adopting the Barber Pro Cut™ guide. Get rid of knots and stubble with its intelligent tracing system. Use the rounded angle to define your beard and get perfect cheeks.


In addition to the cheek contouring system, Barber Pro Cut™ also has a comb to maintain the beards provided. Comb your fleece gently to untangle the few stubborn knots. No hair will resist you.

It's easy to use.

Simply place your beard guide on your cheek. With its ergonomic handle, shave or trim any hairs that stick out. For even more ease, you can draw a line with a pencil. Beard care has never been easier or quicker.

All Beards.

Whether your hair is fine and soft, thick and dense, the Barber Pro Cut™ shaving guide is for you. It adapts to all types of hair and all morphologies. Get the beard of your dreams with this smart and ergonomic contouring tool.


Dimensions:15,1 x 14,2 cm
Weight:15 grams
Color:Black or White
Contents:x1 Barber Pro Shaving Guide Cut™

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